Organization Culture or Climate? Is there a difference?

Organizations spend a lot of time, money, and effort on Change Management projects.

Change Management has become the buzz word. Every company seems to be working and managing “Change”. Weekly project meeting updates have a slot for the Change Management lead to share progress updates.

But have you ever stopped to think – What are we really changing?

The efforts you are making – are they affecting Organization CULTURE or just the Organization CLIMATE?

CLIMATE?? what’s that and does it really matter.

Is there really a difference between Culture and Climate? Well, turns out there is, and mixing up the difference between the two can be very expensive.

Swipe through the below ‘Visually Simplified’ explanation to learn more.

The above is based on an article by Dr. David Wilkinson in the Oxford review and it has been adapted and ‘visually simplified’ with permission.

You can read the full article here.

If you would like high-resolution versions of the above images, please mention it in the comments and I will send them to you.

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